Peer to Peer rentals made simple.

  • Don't buy one use items, rent them!
  • Earn money from items in your garage, closet or storage
  • Didn't find what you're looking for? BLAST IT!... and wait for people bids... That simple!

Save money

Rent items and spend less! Rent by the day, week or month!

Find Anything

Blast requests to the community to find specific items you need desire! Get offers and choose the best deal!

Save space

Stop cluttering your apartment or garage with stuff that you will barely use! Rent items quickly, and just relax when returning them, no need to plan for storage

Earn money

Become your own marketplace, let the community rent the items you own through our app, and make money on each rental!

We got your back...

Join our community of verified users, and rent out items in a secure and convenient way. Rent an item that you will use once maybe or you would like to try it, like that surfboard, or the electric scooter, or even that 6 feet ladder for your Christmas lights. Our payments processing platform, powered by Stripe, will help you collect funds, and transfer them to your bank fast!

How it works

We reinvented renting. These are the simple steps to follow:

01. Search for an item, or request it to owners near you! (Blast it!)

Explore items listed, search for an specific item or Blast your request to the community and get responses with great offers!

02. Agree on terms and rent item from your phone

Check status of rental requests, assess alternative rental times or simply respond to bids and offers from Blasts!

03. Pick it up

Coordinate meet-up securely through our in-app messaging, scan QR codes to verify item receipt, upload pictures to validate item conditions and go enjoy the rental!

04. Return the item

Repeat the steps from item pick up with peace of mind!

05. Share your thoughts

Help other members of the community know about great items, great owners and great renters by rating the rental!

Latest items posted in our inventory

People like you are already earning money, what are you waiting for?

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